Dressing for the fun side of life!

319 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ

Steampunk Costumes

Here at Tucson Thrift Shop we adore the Steampunk culture and the imaginative fashion that comes along with it. Our ever-evolving Steampunk department consists of both street-wear and costume clothing items, and an inspired variety of accessories.

Our selection of clothing includes knickers, vests, western items, military pieces, skirts, blouses, new & used corsets, and more. Accessorizing is where Steampunk fashion really allows its fans to get creative, and we’ve got plenty to go around!

Our assortment includes top hats & derbies, goggles, jewelry, gears, pocket watches, toy guns, goggles, parasols, trinkets,  and many more pieces for your post-apocalyptic desires!

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