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Glossary of Thrift Store Terms

Greetings- here is a list of definitions for our little Thrift Store World-

When referring to Condition of a Garment or Item:

Vintage: Any item 20 years old or more- this means 1990’s and back.

NEW– It’s New! Never been worn.

Deadstock– “You mean when the Grateful Dead played Woodstock??” – no. These are Thrift treasures- Deadstock means the garment was produced back in the day- but for whatever reason- never left the warehouse- so it’s New but Old.

Repro- This denotes a reproduction of a vintage garment with new materials

Throwback- This is a new reproduction made with vintage materials- usually a vintage fabric

STG- (Shit to Gold) Tucson Thrift Shop’s very own upcycled or embellished garments

GREAT– Like New- no wear, no flaws

GOOD– We can see some wear, fading or wrinkly parts-We may have repaired this item. No holes, No tears, No stains

AS IS– The garment has been worn and and has a defect that we cannot repair, small holes or fading- we will do our best to let you know about any damage- but we feel the garment is still worthy and some customers even love their flaws.

A Note about FIT and SIZES: Fashions change over time. The ideal shape has morphed over time as well- from the 30’s hourglass- to the 60’s twiggy. But we come in all shapes and sizes- Garment tags may list a size that corresponds to an older set of “norms”. We will always include a detailed list of measurements to help you get a perfect fit !

Interested in Fashion over Time? check out our Pinterest page– for size and fit tips, alteration tutorials and Putting together Cool Looks through many eras!

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