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Tucson, AZ

Halloween Costumes

Perfect for DIY and one-stop shoppers alike!

Ah Halloween… everyone’s favorite holiday! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up in disguise, whether it’s scary, goofy, sexy, trendy, classic, wildly original, or full of fantasy?

It is the perfect time of year to unleash those alter egos, and here at Tucson Thrift Shop we are ready to help you make it happen! We carry a huge collection of costuming, both new and used.

Our year-round recycled costume sections expand during Halloween so that we may pack in the most we can to help you put together your own DIY costumes. This section is perfect for allowing you to shop economically and creatively, maintaining organization by genre that makes it a breeze to navigate.

Our racks of new costuming are ideal for finding those ready-made costumes that include accessories and simplify the process. Whether you are on a budget, short on time, or are avidly seeking the picture-perfect ensemble, we are here to make sure you find what you need… and have fun doing it!

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