Return of the Mermaids 2019

Long ago, Tucson was covered in water and it was a paradise. When it monsoons in the desert, the water soaks into the parched ground and if it rains enough- The Mermaids come out to play, just for one day.

Return of the Mermaids, the annual free mer-festival is happening this August 10th all over 4th ave and Downtown Tucson!  Mermaid and under the sea themed music, fun events, and food and drink specials galore!

Get dressed up with us– we have everything you need:  from mermaid tails and shell bras, to octopus tentacle skirts and shark fins!  We are a part of the scavenger hunt–so if you’re taking part, we’ll be passing out a fun prize.

We will also be featuring a live mermaid window, starring Mermaid Michelina and her crew.  Stop by and *wave* hello!

For more information and a full schedule of events, check out the official facebook page.

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